dutch skies and rivers

I’ve been in three different river-habitats in the Netrherlands, Vreugderijkerwaard along the river IJssel , with horses and rare broomrapes, Hedelse Waarden near Hedel at the Maas and Zwarte Meer, the mouth of the river IJssel near Kampen, with ships and an eel-fisherboat ccleaning his gear.
And a lot of Dutch skies of course 🙂


Dordrecht is the oldest town of Holland. Not the oldest of the Netherlands because Holland origanally means the western part of the Netherlands (North-Holland and South-Holland) Dordrecht is situated south of Rotterdam in South-Holland. W’ve been there friday with a group of friends. Also been to the Biesbosch, which is a well-know nature reserve, with common jewelweed (impatiens capense) which is not so commom.. but rather rare here, old ships in the harbour and the town.


Been in Scotland for a while, travelling all around. Back at home we’ve got water in our house due to heavy rainfall. So I didn’t have the time to post, but here are the first Scotland images.

First departure from Rotterdam harbour – Europoort and than in Yorkshire RobinHoodsbay, a little town on the east coast with a beach where you can find lots of fossils.. but this time I didn’t collect even one fossil and thats very unusual.. but I made a picture of some in a stone.