Dintelse Gorzen, South-west Netherlands

A day shooting in the south-west of the Netherlands, Dintelse Gorzen, a nature reserve owned by Natuurmonumenten near Steenbergen, Noord Braband. Cows, horses, orchids (only one kind found flowering, canadian geese, not loved by Natuurmonumenten, hooverfly and midges. And at the way back, near Dinteloord an old-timer rally… and a nice chat with another old-timer 🙂

Cevennes, France, orchid heaven

A short break in the Cevennes, in the south of France looking around with a brand-new Crossbill guide to see if this is really an orchid heaven.. it is! And a lot more of course. Here some of the orchids I found and some of them are very difficult to name. Bee-orchid, yellow orchid, passion-tide orchid, early purple orchid, elder orchid , men orchid… and some butterflies, a very special toadstool, iris chamaeiris, praying mantis, Pont du Gard, tree-frog and flamingo’s in the Camargue, Allium roseum, Tulipa sylvestris ssp australis… and a lot more that I will put in my database site at Photoshelter

special job

Wednesday and thursday an inventarisation job for Econsultancy. Hired to educate a couple of fieldworkers in recognation plants and vegetation types. Project leader is my son 🙂 Not so good weather, cloudy and on thursday almost whole day raining. But very special places in the west of Brabant. several types of orchids, sedges, grasses and so on. Here a couple of dactylorhiza species and a Himantoglossum hircinum, one of the most scarce species in the Netherlands.


Yust been for a week to South Spain. Nerja, Granada, Cordoba, Antequera and the countrysite in between. Was sometimes nice weather, sometimes cloudy. Culture and nature, Almonds, one species of orchid (Barlia), an Iris, but it was a little early, even for this part.

Even een week naar Zuid Spanje geweest. We zaten in Nerja en zijn naar Granada, Cordoba en Antequera geweest en alles daartussenin.

Natuur en cultuur in een aangename temperatuur, deels zonnig, deels bewolkt. Bloeiende amandelbomen, 1 soort bloeiende orchidee (Barlia), een soort Iris en nog wat planten. Het was een beetje erg vroeg in het jaar, zelfs voor deze contreien.