old images

Last weeks to busy to make a blog frequently. This will last another month I’m afraid.
In between I’m always scanning old slides to get them online. 20.000 done and I presume about 30.000 to go.
I stumbled upon several sunset and old vine greenhouse images I will show here. All images made in a circle of 20 km’s round my house. (Nieuwersluis, Loosdrecht)

All images straight from scanner, no photoshop or something like that. Slides are still impressive

dutch skies and rivers

I’ve been in three different river-habitats in the Netrherlands, Vreugderijkerwaard along the river IJssel , with horses and rare broomrapes, Hedelse Waarden near Hedel at the Maas and Zwarte Meer, the mouth of the river IJssel near Kampen, with ships and an eel-fisherboat ccleaning his gear.
And a lot of Dutch skies of course 🙂